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January update

Here’s what I’ve been working on this month!

Splits: Just started working on these more seriously again.

Back flexibility: I’m thinking I might need to start working on this more, too.  However, this month I started being able to grab my foot with both hands in the cocoon for the first time (instead of awkwardly trying to latch on to my other wrist with the further away hand), so that looks much prettier now.

Invert: Now that I’m in the advanced class at my studio where we’re spending more time working on straight leg and scissor inverts, my invert is starting to look better.  I’m trying to avoid bending my legs every time I invert. (more…)


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New class, new goals

Last week I attended my first pole class of the new session (the last one ended right before Christmas).  I’m now in the highest level pole class that my studio offers (yay!) and I have a TON of learning and improving to do.  I have an amazing teacher and the class is much more intense and fast-paced than all of the other levels I’ve taken have been, and I absolutely love it.  I’m definitely being pushed to my limits not only with the new moves I’m learning but also with the intensified conditioning and stretching exercises.  My progress in December was a little slow and my goals were a little sparse.  Granted, I did learn some new moves and even participated in my first showcase (I’m waiting on the photos and video from the event before I post about it).  However, after seeing what this new class is like and what is expected of me, my goals and priorities need to change a little. (more…)

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You never know until you try

Several months ago, I ran across a wonderful routine by Jenyne Butterfly in which she does an aysha fang.  The first time I watched the video, I cataloged the aysha fang somewhere in the back of my brain as one of those “dream moves” I probably wouldn’t be able to do for a very long time.  After all, at that point, I couldn’t even do an elbow grip aysha, let alone an aysha fang, which requires you to both be able to balance with your body away from the pole and arch your back to get your feet over your head.  I had barely taken the baby steps to get there. (more…)

January 10, 2012 at 1:47 pm 1 comment

November update

Here’s an update on what I’ve been working on this month!

Splits:  Last month, I was really struggling to find the motivation to stretch.  This month, I’ve been stretching just about every other day or every couple days for the past couple weeks.  I’d love to get the splits by Christmas so that I can get a picture of me doing them in front to our Christmas tree, but we’ll see…Until then, check out my Splits Progress page!

Back flexibility:  This is slowly coming along.  I am now able to lower from a back bend into a forearm stand (without using the pole), which probably has less to do with an increase in flexibility than with an increase in confidence and comfort in the move (since I could already touch my toes to the floor when I was doing this move against a pole).  I am also continuing to practice transitioning into the cocoon more smoothly. (more…)

December 1, 2011 at 12:16 am 3 comments

Well that was fast…

About a month ago, I wrote a post called Changing the photo on your fridge.  In this post, I described how I had hung a photo of a move (an inside leg hang) to my fridge, forgotten about it, and then realized months later that I had nailed the move a long time ago!  Following this discovery, I decided to hang up a new photo to use as motivation.  The photo I ended up picking is a lovely one of Veena doing a jade.  (more…)

November 16, 2011 at 1:43 pm 2 comments

Stretching tips: sticking with it

Several months ago, I ran across a 6-week stretching program for the splits.  I tried it out and was able to keep it up by stretching daily for almost three weeks.  But, by the middle of the third week, I became very busy and stopped stretching every day.  I told myself I would take a couple days off and get back into it, but I lost a lot of progress and dropped it for a while altogether.  Currently I am planning on starting over and stretching every day again – I’ve never been able to achieve the splits so it’s my main pole goal for the summer.

Based on what I learned from trying (and eventually failing) to schedule in a stretching routine the first time around, I’ve put together a solid method of attack.  (more…)

June 16, 2011 at 3:34 am 1 comment

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