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A word on “cheating”

It seems like everything is being called “cheating” lately – certain hand positions, grip aids, even whether a pole is spinning or not.  While it is not uncommon to form a bad habit, let’s refrain from making accusations and over-using the word.  Often, the thing that is being called “cheating” isn’t really cheating at all.



July 13, 2011 at 12:00 am 2 comments

Grip aids

If you search for information about grip aids on the internet, you will find some helpful recommendations and product reviews; however, you might also come across a few warnings against the use of grip aids, especially from those who think that using them is a form of “cheating.”

I think this is total hogwash.

Yes, you should practice building up the strength of your grip without relying on “grip-enhancing” products.  However, those of us with sweaty hands know that sometimes it doesn’t matter how strong your grip is – if your hands are wet, they will not stick to the pole – period.  And if you can’t stick to the pole, you’ll have difficulty learning the very moves that will build the strength needed to improve your grip.  Plus, slippery hands simply aren’t safe. (more…)

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