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What pole dancing has taught me

I know this is not the only ode to pole dancing out there, but here is my personal list.

Pole dancing has taught me:

1.  How to work not only the pole but also the wall, floor, chair, lap, and even the occasional random unsuspecting street sign.

2.  How to walk in platform heels without falling on my face.

3.  How to sound interesting – and raise eyebrows – at parties.  (“So what do you do for fun?” “I pole dance.” “You – wait, what?”)

4.  How to entertain my friends.  (“Teach me how to pole dance!”)

5.  How to dangle upside-down 10 feet (or more) in the air – and still not be afraid of heights.  And this is coming from the girl who didn’t like playing on the monkey bars when she was a kid. (more…)


September 15, 2011 at 8:36 pm 1 comment

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