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Do it yourself: Apply your own acrylic nail tips (cheaply!)

Here's what my nails look like (unpolished) after applying the acrylic tips.

Normally I don’t do much with my nails.  Recently I painted them a pretty green color and they started chipping the next day; being the lazy bum that I am, I left chipped polish on my nails for a week until I became fed up with them.  I tend to keep my nails short because they don’t grow out to be very strong and they get annoying.  But since I’ve been wanting to change up my look lately, I thought I’d try getting acrylic tips, which I haven’t worn since high school prom.  The turn-off?  Most prices I’ve seen run around $30 and up.  Once salon in my city prices them at $75, which I’m sure is not the ceiling cost.  On the one hand, that might not seem expensive since they stay on for weeks and they’re pretty durable, but I really don’t want to spend even $30 on my nails right now.

I might be lazy, but I’m also pretty crafty, so I decided to look for a do-it-yourself kit.  (more…)


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