Splits Progress

Goal: Stretch every day.  Front splits and middle splits would be nice, but I might focus more on the front splits.

Day 0. Here’s where I’m starting from.  Before taking these pictures I had stretched lightly but did not go through an entire stretching routine.

Week 1.  I’ve been using Alethea Austin’s Pure Splits dvd for about a week, but due to some major soreness (it’s pretty intense) I have been unable to stretch every single day.  Somehow I feel more flexible, but I don’t really look more flexible.  Although I did nail a pretty decent jade the other day…  Hmmm…  (Also, I thought I’d add some fun colors…)

Week 2.  It’s hard to see much improvement from the first full week of stretching until I compare this week’s progress to the photos from when I started.  I’m still using Alethea’s Pure Splits dvd, but I haven’t been stretching quite as often due to Thanksgiving break.  All that social interaction and food was exhausting!  It was fun, but not very productive in the splits department.  On another note, I’ve decided to start incorporating yoga into my flexibility practice.  My friend let me borrow one of her dvd’s and I found it to be a really helpful warm-up when I was stretching tonight, even though I had just had pole class.  I probably won’t continue to have the time to do the full hour of yoga beforehand, but it’s better than nothing.  I don’t feel like Pure Splits warms me up enough; Alethea goes into the splits so fast and I don’t even bother checking my floor splits progress until I’m completely finished with the dvd.

Week …3?  I took a pretty big break from stretching over the holidays, so this isn’t really Week 3, technically.  I have been stretching, but very infrequently.  However, I went to a stretching class today in order to make up for a pole class I missed at the studio, so here’s where I am.  I’m not seeing much improvement with my middle splits (but I’m not really working on them as much), although I think I can see a slight improvement in my front splits despite the break in my routine.

Week 4.  This week I started going to the gym every day and I discovered I LOVE stretching at the gym.  I can just hop on the elliptical machine for 10-20 minutes and BAM!  Warmed up.  It sure beats doing squats and lunges at home and I can get my cardio in that way too.  Plus, I love stretching on the gym mats while everyone else around me is working hard.  Not that splits stretching isn’t hard work, but I’m learning to love it.

Week 5. Hm…they don’t look too different from last week, but at least I can sit up straight in them now, and I can also lean forward and back to get more of a stretch in my hamstrings and hip flexors.


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  • 1. R.L.  |  July 12, 2012 at 3:33 am

    Looks like you have a made a lot of progress to me. Great article for those of us trying to get into splits. Thanks for writing this and taking pictures.


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