January update

February 1, 2012 at 8:53 am Leave a comment

Here’s what I’ve been working on this month!

Splits: Just started working on these more seriously again.

Back flexibility: I’m thinking I might need to start working on this more, too.  However, this month I started being able to grab my foot with both hands in the cocoon for the first time (instead of awkwardly trying to latch on to my other wrist with the further away hand), so that looks much prettier now.

Invert: Now that I’m in the advanced class at my studio where we’re spending more time working on straight leg and scissor inverts, my invert is starting to look better.  I’m trying to avoid bending my legs every time I invert.

Shoulder mount: My shoulder mount has drastically improved this month!  I’m even deadlifting into it, but now I just need to work on keeping my legs super straight because sometimes if you’re looking at it directly from the side my knees look a little bent…But hey, it’s a start!

Brass monkey/eros/tornado combo: Last month I learned how to get into the brass monkey and eros, and this month I learned the tornado (how to flip upright from the eros).  I even ended up being the demonstration when everyone else was learning it in class!

Elbow grip aysha/straight edge/fang: Last month I was just starting to get the elbow grip aysha, and this month I have been working on the straight edge and aysha fang.  I was so excited about these moves when I realized I could do them!

Superman/dove: This is the first month where I could tell that the superman is starting to become easier.  I took a break from the superman for a while but the last few times I did it, I could tell it was getting a little less painful.  I’ve also been working on the dove from the superman, and a couple days ago I was able to shoulder mount from the dove.  Yay!!!

Knee hold: I have been able to do this successfully every time I’ve tried – unless I already had a bruise there from the last time, which makes the move unbearable.

Cartwheel dismount (Jenyne tumble): I GOT THIS!!!  This move was my major achievement this month.  Lately I have been able to do it consistently without a spotter, and I’m soooo happy about it!!!

Other things…

I participated in a showcase in Maryland on January 7th, but I wanted to have the photos and video before I posted about it.  I’m still waiting on the photos, so hopefully they will come soon since it’s been several weeks now.

I will be performing in a show at my studio in the spring.  Originally it was supposed to be a February Valentine’s Day themed show, but it got pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances.  My group and I have been practicing like crazy so that has slowed down a bit now.  Hopefully we’ll still get to have our recital in the spring, too.

I’ve been taking pole, silks, and lyra classes this month so that has been fun.  I’m also doing a stretch class once a week for the next three weeks so hopefully that will help with my splits in addition to the other stuff I’ll be doing.  Oh and I’ve been working out every single day for the past two weeks and I hope to keep it up.


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