Staying hydrated

November 3, 2011 at 7:49 pm Leave a comment

I have had a big problem staying hydrated lately, and consequently I’ve been getting the worst headaches.  It’s been so bad that I’ve started getting them every day, and I know they’re from dehydration because I get a different type of feeling than I do when I’ve been concentrating for too long or going through caffeine withdrawal.  And because I’ve stopped working out regularly (aside from pole class and practice at home a few times a week) I don’t remember to force myself to drink water; I don’t even think to keep a water bottle with me.  Well, after my muscles started cramping during pole class yesterday, I decided that I was going to start drinking more water.  And let me tell you, it’s not easy.  Then I remembered a trick I used to use when I went to the gym (I’m serious, I haven’t been to the gym in at least a year)…

Lime juice!  The easiest way to force myself to drink more is to add a little lime juice to my water.  It’s even better if I have real limes around to slice up and squeeze into my cup, because I like finding the little sour bits of pulp.  Of course, you can also use lemon juice, orange juice, or really any other diluted juice, but I like lemons and limes because you don’t need to add a lot of juice to add a lot of flavor.  I also need to start carrying a bottle around, because it’s easier to drink more water if there’s a constant visual reminder and it’s always within reach.

So there’s my quick tip.  I know it sounds really obvious, but sometimes when we’re busy we tend to neglect the little things we should be doing to take care of our bodies.  I certainly needed the reminder this week.

Have you been drinking enough water lately?


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