October goals update

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In September I wrote a post about goals I was working on that month.  Here’s an update!

I have been stretching for the splits, but I haven’t been doing it every day so I don’t feel like I’m getting very far.  That’s why you won’t find much under my Splits Progress page.  However, I DID improve my jade, which had more to do with settling into the move than increasing my flexibility – but still!  I’m happy!

I am also improving my back flexibility little by little.  At the time of my last post, I had just begun being able to touch my toes to the floor in the forearm stand.  Since then, I have successfully incorporated the move into a recital routine, and the constant practice has helped me to feel really comfortable in that position.  I had also mentioned that I would love to be able to touch my toes to my head.  Well, although I had been having trouble with the cocoon, I WAS recently able to touch my foot to my head!  I think the trouble I’d had with the cocoon had more to do with lack of shoulder and leg flexibility for me.  I can do it pretty consistently if I’m warm, but I really need to keep practicing it and increasing my flexibility in those other areas.

I was also struggling with the aerial invert and making it look pretty, especially on a spinning pole.  This is another move that improved because I put it in the recital routine (which was done on spin), and I think it was a success!  Now I just need to work on inverting with my legs out straight rather than bent.

As of September, I had just begun practicing the rubber pencil (iguana grip) without a mat, but I didn’t feel 100% comfortable doing it every single time.  Well, unless my hands are unusually sweaty, I can do it every time now.  I wouldn’t put it at the end of a routine, but I might start incorporating it soon.

Until now, I had been unable to do the extended butterfly.  I worked on this in class and finally got it; the trick to this move for me was thinking about moving my chest in towards and slightly to the side of the pole – kind of hard to explain, but it made sense to me.  The only thing I’m finding difficult now is keeping my heel on the pole.  So I can sort of do it now, but I want to work on making it solid and getting more leg extension.  But my goal is to put it in the next routine I come up with!

In September, I could not deadlift my legs into a forearm stand.  Well, I guess I can now – or at least, I can deadlift them with my head on the floor, and then pick up my head to make it a forearm stand.  Apparently, it’s really rare to see someone deadlift directly into a forearm stand; I could be wrong, but that’s just what I’ve heard.

I totally forgot about my shoulder stand goal – I can get into it, but I can’t balance there.  This one has been rather low on my list.

My shoulder mount is getting more consistent!  I still need to practice it over and over, but this is a big one on my list and I feel like it’s a really versatile move.  Any progress with the shoulder mount is good progress, since I could barely even do it a month ago!

I have not been working on the bum slide.  Admittedly, there were a couple times that I was going to attempt it and then changed my mind.  This move is really painful for me – I think I need to be tilting my hips more to take some pressure off.  But I love how the move looks and how it gets you on your feet from an inverted position.  I just need to commit to practicing this one.

My superman is not yet painless.  In fact, it’s still very painful.  BUT I have been practicing it more often lately, and the other day when I was practicing with my pole buddy, I got into the dove for the first time EVER!  That was at the end of a 2.5 hour practice session though, so my pain tolerance was pretty low at that point…even so, holy $#!% is it painful!!!!!

Last month, I was really struggling with the caterpillar climb.  I’m getting a lot better at it now and can do several in a row.  I’m not 100% comfortable with it, but I’m getting there.

I have not been practicing the straight edge, so I have not been able to get the inverted back book (brass monkey) or the eros.  However, I have been practicing the aysha, and I even tried the elbow grip aysha.  I had thought I was doing the elbow grip before, but I was really doing it incorrectly because my body was still against the pole.  So now I need to work on keeping it away from the pole if I’m going to work on that grip.

I’m still working on getting the waving legs in the forearm stand.  I’ve been practicing this more often lately.  Considering the fact that I’m really comfortable with the forearm stand, making my legs wave takes a surprisingly great amount of balance.  I can sort of do it, but it’s not pretty.

The back walkover wasn’t really a pole goal, and it was quite ambitious for me.  I put this on here because my boyfriend has a friend who does gymnastics and we had talked about trading skills one day, but that never panned out.  And this isn’t exactly something I want to try at home without a spotter who knows what she’s doing, so this is one move that’s going to have to wait.

That was all I had for September.  Here are some new goals I’ve added to my list for this month:

I just worked out the Jenyne tumble, but my progress is slow since I don’t like trying it at this point without a spotter – it’s super scary!!!  So I’ll only attempt it once a week when I have pole class.

I am just learning the cartwheel mount, but I can’t do it yet.  Right now I am working on getting used to the feel of the entry without actually swinging my legs all the way up.

I’ve only done the dove about five times, so I’m going to work on making that more consistent, and maybe even shoulder mounting out of it.

I’m going to work on doing the elbow grip aysha the correct way, with my body away from the pole.

I really don’t like the feel of the cross ankle release, but I want to get better at it so I’m going to focus on that rather than defaulting to the cross knee release every time I want to lay back.  Also, I really want to get my crescent to be flatter.

Now that I’m getting more extension in my jade, I’m going to work on getting that flatter, too.

And finally, new moves I’ve acquired:

I’ve been able to do the teddy for a long time, but I’d only practiced it from the ground and never thought to put it into a combo before.  The other day, however, I tried it on the pole for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how good it actually felt!  It’s definitely going in my next routine.

I love the aerial body wave!  The only thing that annoys me about it is that I do a lot of work on spin, and I don’t think this move looks as good or as noticeable on a spinning pole, unless it’s spinning really slowly – but even then, it looks best from the side.

I also love doing scorpio switches (where you switch from a scorpio on one side of the body to a scorpio on the other side)!  I think this move can look really pretty – when I was doing it on a spinning pole, it looked like my upper body was just floating around the pole to get to the other side right before I switched legs.  It’s really useful too – there are certain moves I like getting into from the scorpio that I’m more comfortable with on one side of my body, so to be able to switch sides so easily is great!

Whew.  Now that that’s all down in print, I can’t believe how much I’ve improved in a month!  I think I’ll be posting a goals update every month now, so stay tuned!


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