Videotaping: try it next time you pole dance

June 9, 2011 at 5:29 am Leave a comment

If you’ve never tried videotaping your practice sessions before, I challenge you to pick out a song that’s guaranteed to get you moving, turn up the volume, turn on the camera, and press record.

Recording yourself allows you to see things from a totally different angle.  It might not be pretty.  In fact, watching yourself dance on camera might be excruciatingly painful; suddenly, you notice your un-pointed toes, your awkward hand positioning, your stiff facial expressions.

But it’s worth it.  If you never acknowledge your weaknesses, you’ll never be able to improve on them.  I frequently record my practice sessions because when I’m not in the studio I don’t have floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and no mirrors means I can’t check my body positioning and make sure I’m doing all the right things.  And even if I did, it still wouldn’t be as helpful as having a video I can refer back to later.

Videotaping is a great way to track your progress.  You might cringe at your execution of that spin you thought looked perfect, but a couple months down the road you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.  Videotaping is also a useful tool if you’re trying to put together a routine since a camera records your ideas as you dance.

Don’t worry about messing up.  Most of the seemingly flawless videos you see on YouTube have been edited anyway.  Forget about the fact that you can’t think of anything to do or that you just repeated the same move ten times.  Just keep going.  You might discover a new way of arching your back, swaying your hips, or flicking your hair that perfectly suits your style.  Before long you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with your dancing, and you will improve.


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